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Endowments: A donation that endures

With an endowment, you can support research into rare diseases in a particularly sustainable way. Because endowments provide us with long-term income, they give our work staying power. Your endowment remains as a sign of hope and can save lives for many generations to come, ultimately ensuring better medical care for people with rare diseases.

An endowment is long-term help

With an endowment, the donated assets are preserved in perpetuity and generate income (interest, rental income, etc.), which the Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Foundation uses for its charitable purposes. With an endowment, you create something lasting and promote research into rare diseases for generations to come. The bureaucratic effort involved in making an endowment donation is less than you might expect.

Do you have questions about endowments?

We can provide you with discreet and non-binding information on the practical implementation of your ideas. We will be happy to show you how you can promote research into rare diseases with individual priorities and in a targeted manner. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Your key contact person:

  • Sanna Börgel
    • Sanna Börgel
    • Stiftungsleitung
    • +49 (0)228 5227 9999

Give hope!

Would you like to give hope to people with rare diseases and support medical research in a particularly sustainable way? Here you will find examples of where your donation can have an impact:

  • Targeted promotion of young talent: Clinician Scientists for Rare

    Researching pediatricians are the hopefuls of tomorrow. However, fewer and fewer young pediatricians are deciding to do scientific work in addition to patient care after starting their careers. This is why we support young talents as they enter the field of rare disease research. With your endowment or donation, you enable the participants of our Clinician Scientist for Rare program to have protected research periods in which they can continue their intensive training and conduct research on rare diseases.

  • Alliance4Rare – Research network for rare diseases in children

    By inviting tenders for cross-site research projects in a network of university children’s hospitals with particularly strong research capabilities, we are working with the partners of the “Alliance4Rare” to advance research into the causes of particularly severe rare diseases and the development of innovative therapeutic approaches. Our mission: to enable medical progress where it is most urgently needed. Find out which projects have already been launched and how you can support ….

  • Connecting patients and researchers at NARSE

    Some diseases are so rare that there are only a handful of people affected in Germany or even worldwide. As these diseases are often underdiagnosed and virtually unexplored, it is difficult for those affected and their relatives to exchange information and the development of evidence-based treatments or new therapies for these patients is extremely difficult. This is why the foundation has joined forces with many partners to launch the first nationwide, cross-disease register for rare diseases.


Donating during your lifetime or in the event of death

An endowment can be made during your lifetime or upon your death via a will. In addition to money, securities, real estate or other valuables can also be donated. You decide what amount or what valuables you would like to add to the foundation’s capital in order to promote research into rare diseases.

Whether during your lifetime or in the event of your death – you leave something lasting and create hope for a healthier future for children with rare diseases

Endowment is just as uncomplicated as donating

Making an endowment is much easier than most people think. You can simply transfer your endowment to our donation account with the reference “Endowment”:

Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN DE83 3705 0198 1901 4480 17

We will take care of the rest. If you include your address in the reference, we will send you a donation receipt for your tax return. This is because endowments up to an amount of one million euros enjoy special tax advantages and can be deducted from your income for many years.



Support the orphans of medicine!

ELHKS uses your donations in a targeted manner – so that medical progress reaches everyone.


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Your donation counts

The Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Foundation promotes research on rare diseases and invests in necessary structures – so that medical progress reaches everyone!

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